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Riccelli-Northern provides transportation, mining and materials handling services in the Northeast. We present complimentary commercial strengths and an acknowledged reputation for premium products and quality service for the construction industry.



Riccelli-Northern Blacktop is manufactured in our 3 locations and offers a complete line of blacktop paving materials, including base, binder, and top mixes, to contractors and municipalities. We are also proud to offer eleven other variations of asphalt products to serve your customized needs, including driveway top, blacktop tack, and cold patch.

We offer several of the most used and most popular asphalt materials:

  • Type 1 (Base Course – Dense)
  • Type 2 (Base Course – Open)
  • Type 3 (Binder Course)
  • Type 6F (Top Course – Marshall Design)
  • Type 7F (Top Course – Marshall Design)


Northern Paving LLC strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our detailed customer approach coupled with the highest quality materials and installation techniques virtually eliminates problems associated with large-scale paving projects. We pride ourselves on doing it the right way and bringing your project in on budget. We look forward to engaging with our customers and the satisfaction of a job well done.

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