When you have a big construction job to do, the best way to get high-quality concrete to the site is to make it right there.

Riccelli-Northern, an acknowledged top provider of transportation, mining, and materials handling services throughout the northeast, now has its new portable concrete batching plant ready to go wherever it is needed. This means that when you hire Riccelli-Northern, your project will have a constant and consistent supply of high-quality concrete made on-site exactly as you want it, with lower costs, higher efficiency, and an increased profit margin.

“The concrete is always mixed to the exact specifications and quantities needed, workers never have to wait for deliveries stuck in traffic or broken down, which equals a higher efficiency in your workforce and reduced transportation costs,” said Riccelli-Northern President and COO Richard J. Riccelli, Sr. “We are excited to bring this new process — and all the efficiencies and savings it brings with it — to our customers.”

Riccelli-Northern’s on-site batching plant can be set up in about two weeks anywhere on the job site to immediately start producing ready-mix cement. The process is simple: The aggregate, cement, and chemicals go in, run through the multi-step process, then come out as high-quality concrete pumped straight into the trucks that take it where it needs to go in minutes. The portable plant can be dissembled in a short period of time to be moved to another location on the job site, or to another site entirely.

By using an on-site batching plant, there are no delivery delays caused by traffic or truck breakdowns, and there is minimal distance between the concrete created and the place it needs to go — both of which equate to higher efficiency and reduced transportation costs. Having concrete made on-site also ensures each batch has a consistent quality that can be determined immediately.

Most recently, Riccelli-Northern used its portable concrete batching plant as it created and poured 100,000 cubic yards of concrete as it worked on the four-million-square-foot Amazon distribution center in Liverpool.

“The concrete is fresher, the mix is more consistent. It’s stronger due to water cement ratio, consistent finishability, and yards per hour are more consistent than transit mixed. Plus, on site plants don’t have to deal with pending traffic issues,” says Mark McCraith, Riccelli-Northern’s Production Manager of Ready Mix Operations.

Riccelli-Northern’s new portable concrete batching plant is just the latest addition to the company’s commitment to manufacturing custom ready-mix concrete for projects of all sizes. Across the region, from nuclear power plants to private home foundations and everything in between, you’ll see Riccelli-Northern ready-mix concrete being poured.

In recent years, Riccelli-Northern has been a reliable supplier of ready mix concrete and related products for major Central New York construction projects, including Exelon Generation Nuclear Operations, Novellus Corporation located in Oswego, and the new Amazon.com distribution center in Liverpool, NY — one of the largest distribution centers in the US.

Riccelli-Northern provides transportation, mining, and materials handling services throughout the northeast with an acknowledged reputation for premium products and quality service for the construction industry. We can supply a wide range of products with the ability to haul most material to any location. Consisting of 50 locations around the northeast, Riccelli-Northern supplies various “green” products including ready mix, aggregates, and blacktop.

Riccelli-Northern is now hiring Class A & B construction drivers and ready-mix drivers, and offering a $1,600 sign-on bonus.

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