Riccelli Enterprises and Northern Companies have combined operations, providing transportation, mining and materials handling services in the northeast. Both present complimentary commercial strengths and an acknowledged reputation for premium products and quality service for the construction industry.Now known as Riccelli-Northern the company can supply a wide range of products with the ability to haul most material to any location. This natural progression of two industry suppliers with over 100 years of history collectively, provides our customers with more resources and enhanced capabilities.

Consisting of 50 locations around the northeast Riccelli-Northern continues to supply various “green” products including ready mix, concrete block, aggregates and blacktop delivered to precise architectural specifications.

For your convenience, Riccelli-Northern will accelerate integration processes to ensure consistent and continuous service operations, avoiding any business interruption for all customers.

Riccelli-Northern – the name to trust for ready mix, concrete block, aggregates, blacktop and trucking.


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Blacktop • Ready Mix • Concrete Block • Aggregates • Trucking

565 Employees
400 Trucks
100 Pieces of heavy equipment
50 Surface Mines
9 Ready Mix Plants
4 Blacktop Plants
3 Concrete Block Plants
1 Objective… YOU